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Dubai Maritime Authority - Maritime Summer Challenge

Maritime Summer Challenge


Time for collaboration and innovation

Do you have innovative ideas to address challenges faced by the maritime industry?

DMCA’s Maritime Summer Challenge offers a selected group of university students the opportunity to investigate and propose innovative solutions for the maritime industry’s challenges. DMCA is looking for multi-disciplinary teams of under- or post-graduate students completing a degree in the UAE, in maritime studies, finance/economics, engineering, business, environment, IT, or other relevant fields. DMCA will award the top three winning teams a cash prize of 15K, 10K and 5K USD respectively. DNV GL will be the knowledge and industry facilitator, with relevant mentors from industry leaders. Students will meet and discuss with their mentors about their respective topics.

Green Shipping: How can the UAE contribute to the global reduction in maritime emissions?
Innovative Shipping: Investigate innovative process or technologies targeting shipping industry facing constant cost pressures
Innovative Yards: Propose innovative new materials for newbuilding of leisure crafts, crew boats/passenger vessels, and possibly naval craft.
Maritime Leisure: Explore limiting factors and potential solutions to the low take-up of the maritime leisure industry in the UAE.
Sustainable Supply Chain: What can connectivity between the port and maritime logistics be further innovated, as part of ensuring a sustain-able supply chain?
Maritime Innovation Fund: Potential business model of a Maritime Innovation Fund with involvement of VCs and other investors
App Design & Development: What would be the ideal app to sup-port UAE’s maritime safety?
Digitalization: 1. Ideas for digitalization of existing maritime processes in the UAE; 2. Digital solutions for local maritime sector with potential to scalability for global market via Veracity platform

Whats Next?

Applying teams should consist of up to 10 members, with mixed gender. Each team shall submit its application as a PowerPoint presentation (8-10 slides) on the chosen topic, detailing its understanding of the problem and the end-results they aim to get. Deadline for submission of application is 5th July 2018. Teams will be selected as finalists be-fore the end of July. The challenge will last 4 to 6 weeks, from August to mid September. Each team’s deliverable will be assessed by DMCA and DNV GL by end of September. For each topic, the team with the best project will present its work during the Dubai Maritime Week (Digitalization and Innovation event) in October 2018. This is a highly publi-cized event, with attendance from potential VCs and other finance investment entities who may seek to fund the teams’ projects if a commercialization potential exists. Click Here to apply.