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Dubai Maritime Authority - Shorkum - Think with us

Shorkum - Think with us

Thursday, October 17,2019
Shorkum - Think with us Shorkum is an important initiative that establishes direct interactive channels with all customers – from government entities to private companies and individuals – for sharing ideas and opinions that support the Maritime Authority's efforts to make its customers happy. It will help raise the level of services, develop the legislative structure and update regulations to keep pace with rapid local and regional developments and enable Dubai to boost its global maritime competitiveness and attractiveness.

Shorkum is a fundamental pillar for determining the present and future needs of customers and getting their ideas and opinions interactively and productively. The necessary actions can then be taken to effectively address their issues and concerns, whether through direct responses or by making appropriate changes to the maritime services involved; updating legislation, regulations and infrastructure; and improving operational processes according to the highest standards of excellence, quality and innovation to ensure full customer satisfaction and happiness.
Amer Ali, Executive Director, DMCA said: “Shorkum is a valuable initiative that will help improve customer experiences significantly. It strengthens direct communications to receive opinions and ideas through innovative channels to keep pace with the smart transformation and fit with relevant maritime needs. Through it, we aim to foster happiness and instill positive values in line with the wise guidance of our leadership in ensuring the people's happiness as a ‘sustainable and renewable wealth.’ We look forward with confidence and optimism to the positive outcomes of our new quality initiative which is an important addition to the DMCA’s efforts to achieve excellence and leadership in improving the competitiveness of the local maritime sector. We remain committed to meeting the objectives of the Dubai Maritime Sector Strategy which aims to achieve the highest levels of local maritime development and competitiveness to make Dubai among the best maritime capitals in the world.”
Think with us

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